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Scholarship Degree Graduates

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Individually Tailored Curriculum with MDA

Only flexible educational solutions can meet the needs of many of todays potential students.

We believe education should be tailored to meet your needs. Your needs in terms of the content you learn, should provide you with access to knowledge actually benefiting your current situation in your job, create job-opportunities, make you an expert in your topic of interest.


Todays education should meet your needs in terms of flexible learning hours, academical support, a reliable source for research. We also believe in your personal experience, let it be professional, or in earlier
learning phases. Last but not least do adults of today also need to handle all their responsibilities that come with financial efforts.


How we meet your needs:


  • you choose your curriculum with flexible criteria - a personalized tailored open curriculum to suit your needs

  • flexible learning and research through our online correspondence study

  • earn credits for your experience you already have through profession or earlier studies

  • a variety of legal degrees to prove your competence - if you are successful and just still need the official degree, round up your CV with our offers

  • get your degree within 1 year if you have previous experience in the field (in certain cases with enough credits for previous experience and previous studies)

  • support from academical advisors in choosing your curriculum and your academical process

  • connect with other students online (on the Facebook page)

  • great research platform through massive online library with instant online access to more than 275 million records in 470 languages from 112 countries

  • Scholarships of up to 30 %


Find out which degrees you can achieve with us:




Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Business

Bachelor of Engineering

Bachelor of Science



Doctorate of Arts

Doctorate of Business

Doctorate of Engineering

Doctorate of Philosophy

Doctorate of Science



Master of Arts

Master of Business

Master of Engineering

Master of Science


MDA offers distance learning degree programs from our partner university for adult learners at the bachelor's, master's, and doctoral level. A wide range of majors and areas of study are available. The Virtual Campus provides students with access to their program, the online research library, academic and support staff, and academic resources at anytime from any place, work, home or other.

The University’s online programs are self-paced and follow an open curriculum. Instead of a pre-defined course list, the student and academic department set forth a path uniquely tailored to the needs, interests, opportunities, and real world demands that surround each student.

Need more Information? We will give you a personalized respond for your needs.

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