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ABOUT MDA Mind Development Academy

acknowledgement of individual skills and development

We believe only new, flexible educational solutions can meet the needs of many
of todays potential students. Traditional education and their services don't have the flexibility
to overcome today's adults hurdles to educate and improve themselves sufficiently. Many people are held back by rigid schedules, high fees and very time consuming programs.


We at MDA, the Mind Development Academy, are part of a global solution to this.
We give people the access to Higher Education, despite them having limited time, due to plenty of personal responsibilities in their lives for families, jobs, etc.

Therefore we offer a very flexible way of correspondence study through our partner an Online University and provide individualized scholarships.

We offer this study opportunity, because we believe in:


  • its flexible open curriculum,
  • acknowledgement of previous experience,

to name just 2 reasons. Our Degree Programs meet the needs of today's

adults in our ever faster changing world, better and with greater impact than traditional
ways of education. 

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